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The Village of McFarland is located along U.S. Highway 51 and the east shore of Lake Waubesa. It is located directly south of Madison, 90 miles west of Milwaukee, 150 miles north of Chicago, 100 miles east of Dubuque, and 250 miles south of Minneapolis. The Village shares borders with the City of Madison to the north, the Town of Dunn to the west, south, and southeast, and the Town of Blooming Grove to the east. McFarland is located in an expanding urban area in Dane County, where growth and development has outpaced most other metropolitan areas in Wisconsin. A strong regional economy and higher educational opportunities have spurred much of this growth and expansion during the last decade. Total population, employment, and development are forecasted to continue growing in the region over next two decades, with McFarland positioned to accommodate some of this growth in a balanced, well-planned manner.

The Village has about 66 acres of active and accessible passive park facilities, ranging from larger community parks like William McFarland Park to neighborhood parks like Legion Park, to conservancy areas like Grandview, to "tot lot" playgrounds like the one serving the Ridgeview neighborhood. There are another 265 acres in the Village's park system comprised of open spaces and natural features. The McFarland School District also provides recreational facilities to Village residents. The Village updated its Outdoor Recreation Plan in 2007. The Village purchased 39 acres of land along Elvehjem Road for future community park development, including the dog park, which opened Fall 2009

Community facilities such as parks, bike paths, and open space provide McFarland residents with both active and passive recreational opportunities, provide a connection to nature, serve as community focal points, increase surrounding property values, and enhance overall quality of life.

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