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Tom Meyer

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Tom Meyer

Wisconsin Real Estate Broker
(608) 332-8331
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Office Address:
Restaino & Associates
26 Schroeder Court, Ste 200
Madison, WI 53711

About Me

I stayed in this business since 1989 through good times and other times to be a valuable resource to people like you. When the market crashed, I was here helping people keep a perspective. Realistic expectations allowed us to move forward. Keeping calm and thinking creatively made a difference. These are fast times again where some market values are running up at a rate around 10%. Is this good? Depends. If you're selling you're happy. But the factors which create this double digit appreciation are problems for the home shopper. Too little inventory, and a large population of well qualified people to buy those few homes means people are paying more than might be reasonably safe. 

It's possible to acquire your first choice house and to own it on terms which are safe for you. Selling on your terms has never been easier, but not if you aren't paying attention.  Patience, a calm demeanor, and an ability to craft an Offer which is as unique as you, and tells the owner you are the safe buyer they're looking for, is what I contribute to your side.